Transport and forwarding

Road transport

We provide international road transportation of goods from Europe, Russia and other countries.

In the field of international road transport, we organize:Transportation in vehicles with temperature control;

  • Transportation in vehicles with temperature control;
  • Transportation to tilt the machines;
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • ADR - dangerous goods;
  • Containers of all types.

During each automobile transportation of goods we provide expert advice and services on drawing up accompanying documents.


Container Shipping

Sea container transportation - is one of the most effective way to deliver the goods from remote regions. The advantages of transportation by sea, including regular flights, the optimal cost and high safety of the cargo.

We provide a full range of services, which are associated with the carriage of maritime containers:
  • Container shipping 20DC, 40DC, 40'High Cube containers;
  • Return the empty container;
  • Transportation of modular cargoes (LCL);
  • Tracking goods in transit;
  • The solution to all customs matters;
  • Overloading of cargo from shipping containers in the car and shipping it directly to the customer's warehouse;
  • Storage of cargo at the port;
  • Making cargo insurance;
  • Providing customer information on its cargo during transportation.
Container shipping has the following advantages:
  • Transportation costs lower than those of other modes of transportation;
  • Capacity ships can carry large amounts of cargo;
  • The capacity of sea routes is unlimited, certain restrictions only when using channels and ports;
  • Transportation of shipping containers available, even in cases where the Customer or the Buyer has no exit to the sea, through the organization of multi-modal transportation (shipping containers gradually more modes of transport).
    air Cargo Transportation


Air transportation

Freight air transport are beneficial if you want to move goods from one point to another as quickly as possible and to minimize the risk of damage to goods in transit. International cargo air transportation governed by a series of legal documents and related services in the delivery of cargo aircraft is customs clearance.

We cooperate with the world's leading airlines: Aeroflot, China Airlines, Korean Air, Lufthansa Cargo, Air Bridge Cargo, Etihad Airways, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines.


Rail transportation

Traditionally railway transportation are considered as one of the most effective (safety and speed), as well as cost-effective modes of transport for long and medium distances.

In close cooperation with major commercial carriers - rolling stock owners - our company carries out railway transportation of goods in containers and wagons of all types. The competence our company is international rail transportation - export and import in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the Baltic transportation through the territory of Russia.

Transportation by rail is carried out using the following types of rolling stock:
  • covered wagons (including wagons isothermal Park and car-carrying wagons);
  • platform (including fitting);
  • gondolas;
  • hoppers;
  • tanks;
  • cars for bitumen and dump cars.