Customs clearance (customs clearance, cargo declaration) - complete the necessary formalities arising in connection with the movement across the customs border of goods and vehicles, as well as in case of change of customs procedure.

Years of experience allows us to quickly and efficiently resolve all the issues arising from the customs clearance in Lithuania and Russia.

Customs clearance includes:

Presentation of the customs authority of shipping, permits, customs declaration and the declared goods, payment of customs duties.
Customs clearance is a prerequisite when crossing the border or changing a customs procedure. Customs clearance term often used for the import goods.

What threatens to misuse customs clearance:

  • Loss of time;
  • Violation of the package;
  • Shortage;
  • Administrative penalty;
  • Withdrawal of the license;
  • Confiscation of the cargo.

At least five problems ... Five options to lose your money - these are the bleak prospects for the business, ignorant in the intricacies of the issue. Knowing this, many companies prefer to give customs declaration in the capable hands of an experienced customs brokers.

Our partners have over 20 years of successful work in the sphere of customs services, earning the trust of clients and respect for customs officers.

What exactly our client's trust?

  • Preparation of customs documents. Each type of cargo requires an individual set. We spent a ton of variety through customs, sometimes even exotic goods, and know exactly what kind of supporting documentation required for each case.
  • Determination of HS codes in accordance with the classifier. We select HS codes so as to avoid problems with customs clearance.
  • Electronic declaration. Our experts are in contact with customs authorities throughout the process of customs clearance - of the confirmation of admission to the promised "issue is resolved."
  • Minimizing the risk of CTS (adjustment of customs value). We correctly and proactively determine the customs value and, hence, will arrange the goods so that the payments were minimal. Clients of our company know how much it costs them to customs clearance of the goods.
  • Obtaining compliance / certification approvals. Certain types of products need to be certified. We will check all; if your shipment requires such a procedure, then we will issue a certificate/license to renew suitable circuit in the shortest time.
  • Warehousing. Sometimes it happens that manages to get the goods much earlier than to issue a full package of documents for customs clearance. In such situation, the load is not stuck between the producer and abroad, our company is ready to offer for rent furnished and reliably protected storage for the required period.
  • Advising. Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

All these services can be provided either separately or as part of comprehensive care of your goods traffic.

Proper interaction with customs requires special knowledge and experience in the design documents and well-established business relations. With these advantages and have our experts in customs clearance, which allows us to minimize the residence time of your goods at customs.